Theme: Exploring the New Trends in Orphan Drugs and Rare Diseases

Orphan Drugs 2020

Orphan Drugs 2020

Orphan Drugs Conferences Committee is glad to announce “World Congress on Rare Diseases & Orphan Drugs” in Prague, Czech Republic during September 10-11, 2020.

Orphan Drugs 2020 conference will be a valuable and important platform for inspiring international and interdisciplinary exchange at the forefront of drug research. Over the course of 2 days, internationally-renowned speakers will describe how their research journeys have developed in response to contemporary challenges: Inspirational and innovative lessons in drug research. The attending experts and industry partners will also provide a fantastic networking experience.

The series of keynote talks, poster presentations, workshops, discussions and networking events will keep participants engaged in learning and making new connections at Orphan Drugs 2020.

Orphan Drugs conferences will bring together scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, academicians, medical officers, CEO’s, CSO’s and technologists from all over the world to debate on the latest scientific advances in the field of rare diseases & orphan drugs that help to shape current and future challenges in drug research. We hope that you will take this opportunity to join us for academic exchange and visit the city of Prague, Czech Republic.

Benefits of Attending Orphan Drugs 2020

This year Orphan Drugs 2020 gives you single best chance to achieve the biggest gathering of members. Exchange ideas and create network with leading Health care professionals and researchers from more than 40 countries. It’s a two-day event (i.e. September 10-11, 2020). This full day event is a platform where you can also meet our previous year eminent speakers and can hear about their experiences, including practical tips and tricks. It is also a great opportunity to network with other new experts in this field.


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Orphan Diseases and public health                                

Pediatric rare diseases

Rare neurological diseases

Rare diseases in blood stream

Rare mental and behavioral diseases

Rare nutritional and metabolic diseases

Rare pediatric diseases

Gene therapy for rare diseases

Clinical trials and treatment

Orphan drugs-development trends and strategies

Orphan medicinal products

Orphan drugs potentiality

Treatment and advanced therapies for rare diseases

Rare infectious diseases and immune deficiencies

Challenges in rare disease development


Orphan Drugs are kind of pharmaceutical drugs that are utilized as a part of the treatment of rare genetic diseases or uncommon therapeutic conditions. The worldwide pharmaceutical medications market was esteemed at around $962.1 billion in 2012, which is the parent advertise for orphan drugs. FDA and European commission are included in giving unique kind of convention to organizations that are encountering business hindrances, for example, item rivalry and inventory network barriers. The aggregate number of infections arranged as orphan stands at around 7,000 at present, with almost 250 new maladies being annexed to this rundown every year

Orphan Drug sales expanded by $85 billion from the earlier year. That contrasts and a 2.1% decrease in general physician endorsed medicate deals, which tumbled to $645 billion. Kyprolis, a medication from onyx Pharmaceuticals for numerous myeloma, was the most encouraging new vagrant medication in 2012, with U.S deals anticipated that would reach $897 million in 2020. With the overall orphan drug market set to reach $127 billion by 2018, representing about 16% of aggregate physician recommended sedate deals it’s turning into the following field for some of pharma’s greatest leaps forward and fiercest patent wars. FDA market research analyst has estimated the global orphan drugs market to exhibit a moderate growth rate during the forecast period and is envisaged to surpass USD 156 billion by 2020

The orphan products clinical trials grants program has been accustomed to convey more than 55 items to advertising endorsement. Awards guarantee that item advancement happens in an opportune way with an extremely unobtrusive speculation. As a rule, OOPD allow subsidizing goes on for three-four years. At any one time, there are regularly 60 to 85 on-going stipend supported activities. A noteworthy part of the appropriated stores (ordinarily roughly $15 million) for a given monetary year go towards kept financing of early endorsed gifts. The fast increment in the cost of clinical trials as of late has blocked an expansion in the quantity of new OOPD awards. OOPD normally subsidizes 12-18 new concedes per financial year.

Orphan Drugs Market Overview:

The global orphan drugs market is expected to register a CAGR of 11.5% to reach USD 2, 23,646.51 million by 2023.Orphan drugs are medical products intended for diagnosis, prevention, or treatment of serious, life-threatening disorders that are rare. These are called orphan drugs because, under normal market conditions, the pharmaceutical industry has little interest in developing and marketing these products intended for only a small number of patients. Orphan drugs are developed to treat patients suffering from the serious rare disease for which no treatment or at least one treatment is available. This disease affects a very small portion of the population. Extended market exclusivity and government incentives for orphan medicines as well as the rising prevalence of rare diseases and increasing healthcare expenditure drive the growth of the market. However, high per patient treatment cost and regulatory restriction on profitability may hamper the growth of the market.

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Conference Date September 10-11, 2020
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